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TechTrivan A Division of CyberDyne Systems

Techtrivan is a division of CyberDyne Systems, A widely-dedicated Technology, Science, CyberSecurity and Internet News, Tips, Tricks and Tutorials Platform  attracting lots and lots of readers  including Programmers, Engineers, IT Professionals, Researchers, Hackers, Technologists, Enthusiasts, and Wannabes.

Techtrivan features latest Cyber Security, Technology, and Science News, with Important Tips, Tricks and Tutorials and in-depth coverage of current as well as future trends in Information Security, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Science and Technological Education and how they are shaping the World and Us.


CyberDyne Systems plans to create a community of highly Skilled IT  Professionals, Programmers, Engineers, Cyber Security Experts, Hackers and Bug Researchers.

CyberDyne Systems wishes to reach across to the whole African Communities of Enthusiasts  and Train Wannabes into Becoming Professionals


CyberDyne Systems aims to see to it that Africa changes the face of Science and Technology, limit the rate of CyberCrime and Shape the World In our Own Ways…

Techtrivan is meant for this Aims.

TechTrivan Labs

Techtrivan Labs are our Teaching Networks and They Include:



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