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How to Unlock Huawei 303 USB Modem

modem Huawei e303

This for those who are lover of tech, since i was prompted to write  this article because  most of my friends  has be pressing to do what this article will explain.

Having a modem that is programmed to use only one specific (MTN, AIRTEL, ETISALAT, GLO). Once you found your self in this categories, it may be annoying and you want to make a different by using the same modem to operate all network?

Follow the steps below and you will be able to crack any modem, and most time cracking of modem may seems similar of different since different modem use different software for easy cracking.

Step 1: First indentify the model of the modem you want to crack or unlock to use all network. since they varies, it can be MTN fastlink, Glo bot, Huawei, ZTE etc.

Step 2:  Writer out the 15 digit modem IMEI, this should be kept in a secure place since it will be needed most to get the cracking done. The modem IMEI can mostly be found in most modem printed on the casing of the modem.

Step 3: Download Unlocker software , if you have this software before you can skip this step, but if not download since is the software that will do the major job.

Step 4: After downloading the software install and run it, it will prompt and request for the modem IMEI, type the modem IMEI or copy and paste it there correctly.

Step 5: After pasting the code click the option to generate master unlock code. After generating code  copy it.

Step 6: Insert modem the modem Huawei e303, then insert another sim rather than the sim it is programmed for.

Step 7: It will detect the sim card as a unsupported network, never worry it will ask to input the unlock code to use sim on the modem.

Step 8: Paste the unlock code generated from the Unlocker software then click  to proceed, after that you receive congratulation message of successfully unlocking modem for all network.

Hope this article is helpful? with this you can get Huawei e303 modem unlocked, but you can try unlocking other modem with the above method, it may unlock other while it may not work for others but if it does not work try and search for unlocker software that suite the modem model.

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